Now that you are settled into uni, you will find that you are absolutely sick of the bland boring accommodation halls that you are living in, You still have a fair few months left until the end of the first year so you may as well spruce it up a little. Whether by adding new photos, lighting or even bedding it’s a great opportunity to give some personality to your room. In this article, we will go through some great cheap options for you to make your student accommodation more comfortable.

Get Some Nice Bedding

When you get into your accommodation it’s pretty bare and underwhelming so it’s a good opportunity to add your own style and home essentials. Adding stylish bedding is a great opportunity to do just that. Having some nice new bedding can make the world of difference to the aesthetics of the room. You could opt for a patter one so that it doesn’t show dirt without having to spend too much on it. You could even look at throw pillows to make it look that extra bit special.

Get Some Storage Boxes & Separators

Student rooms are small, there’s no getting away from that but there is something you can do about where you place items and how you store others. By allowing yourself to put some time away to get your room in order will benefit greatly. You can pick up storage boxes from most homeware stores or even the likes of Wilkos. Organise your stuff and place them in the boxes. You could opt for draws but with boxes, you can place them comfortably under your bed.

Buy A Bedside And Desk Lamp

If you prefer to do your work in the evenings it might be worth picking up a desk lamp so that you don’t hurt your eyes. Another great addition is a bedside lamp. This will then make the room feel warm rather than bright when it comes to relaxing times or reading a book. It is also handy so that you don’t trip over anything when you need the toilet in the middle of the night.

Hang Photos And Prints

This may not be allowed in some accommodations but you can use your imagination to how you will style them but adding some wall art prints to the bedroom is a great touch. use sticky pads that don’t leave marks or even just lay them on the floor against the wall for an edgy look. It is completely up to you. You could add some images of the family on friends on some strings for a homely touch. If you are wanting some snazzy wall prints then you can pick up some affordable ones from We Love Prints.

Pick Up A Notice Board

This is more than just a notice board as you can also add pictures, posters, tickets from nights out and anything else you want on there. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely something that comes in handy when you are studying and have exams so it’s basically a win-win.