Current technological developments make it easy for everyone including purchasing drugs through Online Pharmacy. Pharmacies with online systems are now everywhere. Provides many benefits to patients who need medicine with practical. Besides providing benefits, this online system also has advantages and disadvantages.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing drugs through online pharmacies:


The method given is very easy,

The first advantage that can be felt from purchasing drugs online is that the purchase transaction is carried out very easily and efficiently because someone only needs to order via online and make payment via transfer, the drug will be sent by the seller. Likewise, for adults who are elderly or disabled and others who need medication but cannot go to the pharmacy directly, they can easily buy them online.

Saving time,

For someone who has a busy life so that they do not have time to go to the pharmacy, this online system will make it easier for the person to get medication. In addition, for seniors who will be helped by the existence of an online system because they do not need to ask hospitality to others to take them to the pharmacy.

Can maintain customer confidentiality,

The next advantage is the pharmacy with this online system will maintain the confidentiality of customers who buy drugs. So, no need to worry if you have a disease but do not want to be known by others then this pharmacy is very helpful so you can get medicine.

Obtain complete information,

In addition to the easy way, buying drugs at pharmacies with this online system, customers can indirectly consult related doctors without having to meet face to face. Not only that, but customers can also get complete information about diseases and medicines needed.


Lack of communication,

In addition to making it easier, actually by buying drugs through a pharmacy with this online system, customers will find it difficult to communicate with the pharmacist in the event of illness, so that the customer or patient does not get a proper assessment from a pharmacist.

Deviations occur,

There are so many crimes that occur in the internet world including the purchase of drugs. For this reason, be careful not to cause fraud or even fraud from the pharmacist because they are not in direct contact.

Not knowing the actual state of the drug,

Often customers do not know the condition of the drug given by the pharmacist. For example, the expiration date has exceeded the limit. For that, be more careful before taking the medicine.

Although it provides convenience benefits, by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the online pharmacy, it is advisable for your patients to be careful in buying drugs so that the disease can be cured.